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Star Trek Adventures:Year One


Get prepared to go warp speed with the original crew of STAR TREK as you remember them! Including

Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy and others. You will relive the marvelous adventures of the Starship Enterprise as you travel through space directing space battles, firing hand phasers, solving puzzles, exploring the galaxy and much more in this nostalgic voyage.

Whether you are a die-hard Trek fan or just mildly interested; the beautiful artwork, design and incredible musical score of this classic point & click adventure leaves something everyone is sure to enjoy! STAR TREK ADVENTURES:YEAR ONE promises to boldly take you where no Star Trek game has ever gone before!

Game Information

Star Trek Adventures: Year One is a freeware
point-and-click adventure game. Actually, it is being
developed to be a series of games. The games are
going to be released as "missions". Each "mission"
will be based on an episode from Gene Roddenberry's
Star Trek: The Original Series television program.

The first mission that is due to be released is based
off of the episode "Arena". All missions will have
at least one demo released so fans may get a glimpse
of the gameplay/story before the full mission is actually

The Story

Star Trek Adventures: Year One is being developed as a series
of games(called Missions). Although each Mission will have it's own
unique story line (which you can read about on the download
page), below you can find a general synopsis for all of the Missions.

The Plot
Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the
Starship Enterprise. Its five year mission, to explore
strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new
civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone

The Setting
Set in the year circe 2265, The crew of the Enterprise
has set out on the first year of their historic five year
mission and will explore planets and interact with alien
life forms. They will interact with other crew members
aboard ship. Travel around the ship will be conducted
using turbo-lifts and corridors. To travel to planets, the
landing party will use either the transporter or a

The Overall Structure
This game is a point and click adventure game set in
the Star Trek TOS universe. The player will assume the
role of one of the main Star Trek TOS characters and
explore and interact with the environment in a graphical
adventure. He/she will progress through the game solving
puzzles and manipulating objects in order to complete tasks
that will solve the mysteries throughout the game. The player
will be represented in third person. He/she will be free to
move about the ship and other locations to interact with other
players/characters. Game is designed with strong role play in
mind. Players will be able to play as all characters from the
Star Trek universe that they have come to love. The players
will travel to distant locations in search of answers to solve the
mystery which drives the game.

Game Features

- Original graphics and GUI
- Tons of puzzles to solve
- Communicate with anyone in your team using your
- Set your phaser pistol from stun to kill or vice versa
- Play as multiple characters
(including Kirk, Spock, & McCoy)
- Utilize McCoy's medical kit and Spock's tricorder
- Find hidden "easter eggs"
- Command space battles
- Authentic original musical score
- Animated cut scenes

System Requirements

- Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
- 800x600 resolution
- 32-bit true color
- Sound Blaster compatible sound card & speakers
- 100-200 mb hard drive space

Join us at www.startrekadventures.com/yearone" target="_blank" title="www.startrekadventures.com/yearone">www.startrekadventures.com/yearone today

Development Team

This is our team as of now. If you think you have a skill that
you can lend to use then please e-mail us at

James "JamesReg" Regaldo
project leader & lead programming
James is the project leader and he is in charge of the way the game is put together. He does all of the organizing, planning, and programming for the project. He has come up with intriguing ideas that has made this project unique and fun! James is new to the AGS engine but has caught on very quickly and has been scripting his little heart out to meet the deadlines we've set. Even though he's new to AGS, he hasn't limited himself to the basics of programming. This game series features many of the features that every adventure game should have!

Tony "XCalpro" Oliveira
Many of you may may recognize XCalPro as the creator of many of the Star Trek TOS models currently available to the Poser community. He joined the project in 2009 and since then has created most of the background and sprite art seen in Star Trek Adventures fan project. Tony creates much of the art we need, and also provides technical assistance in some of the programming aspects of the game. He has worked on other game projects in the past and brings his experience in game development process to the team.

Andrew "DrewCCU" Smith
music/sound, additional art & promotions
Andrew is an exciting addition to the project. He has been noted as "bringing this thing to life". He has assisted with some cut scene animations and designing the GUI for the games. Andrew is also the lead webmaster and promotions advisor. But his greatest talent he has brought to the table is music and sound effects. Andrew has composed a musical score for this project that delivers that desired nostalgic Star Trek feel. You will feel as if you are actually back in time with the crew of the Enterprise when you play this game thanks to Andrew's score.

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Official game site www.startrekadventures.com/yearone" target="_blank" title="www.startrekadventures.com/yearone">www.startrekadventures.com/yearone

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