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Indiana Jones and the 7 Cities of Gold

Indy's newest adventure.

Binary Legends Presents

Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold is a fan-made Indiana Jones point and click adventure. The game will be done in the classic Fate of Atlantis style.

The game is under development right now. It is being made with Adventure Game Studio (AGS). Check the forum for news and updates on the game.

The year is 1940. Hitler’s forces are rapidly marching across Europe. Returning from yet another adventure, our hero Indiana Jones receives a telegram from his colleague Marcus Brody asking him to meet him in the deserts of Arizona. Travelling to Arizona, Indiana catches up with Marcus and an amazing discovery catapults our beloved protagonist into a new adventure of epic intrigue. This time, Dr. Jones, along with others he meets while travelling around the globe, is in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold. Complete with sinister Nazis, rewarding puzzles, and the secrets of a long-forgotten culture, Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold will be full of all the familiar Indy charm, as well as new additions by loyal fans of the series to make this game a fun and exciting endeavour into adventure gaming...

Main characters in the story

Indiana Jones The man with the hat! Famous archeologist and hero of the game.

Marcus Brody Indy's friend. Curator of a museum.

Erik Von Schroder The villain. Evil Nazi agent bent on world conquest and the usual Nazi stuff. The poster child of Nazism. He is an evil sneering and gloating type.

George Stenson Professor who is an expert on the lore of the Seven Cities. Brainy, but absent minded at times.

Elizabeth Stenson George's sister. She is brainy but beautiful as well. Like her brother, she also tends to be absent minded at times. In the course of the story she becomes the Indy Girl of the story. While Marion Ravenwood and Sophia Hapgood mirrored the adventuresome side of Indy, Elizabeth will mirror more of the scholarly side of Indy.

Planned game features -  True Indy style gambit featuring Indy in his college years with Abner Ravenwood - Control Indy and also at times his friends in the adventure. - Travel across the world in the course of the adventure - Spain, France, Jerusalem, England, and Africa are among the places Indy visits. - IQ point system with more than one way to solve some puzzles. - Nazis! (Of course...)

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