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  • by wimf · Friday, 21. July 2017, 15:12 h ~ 3 years ago

    The new trailer is done:

    And two video examples of completed scenes:

    Do not hesitate to subscribe to my Facebook page or my newsletter on my site to stay informed smile

  • by wimf · Monday, 18. September 2017, 21:26 h ~ 3 years ago
    Wip : the cimetery.

    Improvement of the game still in progress. I adding several animations in different scenes.

    Every day I discover new things in visionary, it's cool smile

    Thank to for the music?
  • by wimf · Tuesday, 31. October 2017, 16:17 h ~ 3 years ago

    I launched a Thunderclap campaign 15 days ago to reach as many people as possible for the release of my game. I already have 73 votes out of the 100 needed. More than 27 votes for the goal to be reached and the announcement will appear on social networks on 11/11 at 12:00.

    If you are a fan of the project, can you help me?

    PS: Sorry, the game is subtitled in English but the Thunderclap campaign is in French (but the picture that will be published is multilingual)

    thank you in advance for your help
  • by wimf · Friday, 24. November 2017, 23:04 h ~ 3 years ago
    Hello. Big game evolution

    I updated the animations of my characters. Before, the walk was jerky, it was not very pretty.

    I recalculated my animations and added framerate in each animal. Now, the movements are fluid.

    Here is an overview of the result:

  • by denis-the-menphis · Saturday, 25. November 2017, 14:05 h ~ 3 years ago
    Nicke work mate! But it's my sensation or your charachter seems to..."slide" on the floor?


  • by wimf · Saturday, 25. November 2017, 15:56 h ~ 3 years ago
    Thank you smile

    Yes a little bit, I just have to better adjust the speed of movement in VS
  • by wimf · Saturday, 23. December 2017, 23:45 h ~ 2 years ago
    Ben and me wish you a merry Christmas. Let this feast bring you joy and happiness. And to celebrate, Ben decided to write your most beautiful greeting messages in his diary. Send your messages to until 15/01/2018 and these will be in the game on Ben's diary. Each message will be rewarded with free game when it comes out. Date of release game scheduled for 1St Quarter 2018. take your pencils! thank you smile

  • by wimf · Saturday, 27. January 2018, 22:40 h ~ 2 years ago
    The evolution of the game continues. The question that often comes back is: " What does the family look like before it disappears? This is a response elementwink

    Test phase soon ready.

  • by wimf · Thursday, 01. February 2018, 12:30 h ~ 2 years ago
    Latest progress of this week (not visible in the demo, only for the final version)

    - Added double click that makes the character run.
    - The main character now contains 43 different animations out of the 50 planned (the demo only contained 13).
    - All scenes now contain animations and various sound effects.
    - NPCs (non-playable characters) have been added to several scenes.
    - The stability of the game interface has been completely revised, the gameplay has remained the same but is more responsive and free of bugs.
    - The set of unused files have been cleaned up and a big part of the files have been optimized to make the game less resource intensive.
    - The music is now without cuts (They do not restart at each change of scene but continue or they had stopped)
    - The texts have been adjusted to no longer overflow the screen, regardless of the resolution of the game.
    - Many other small bug fixes.

    It was a big job but the result is worth it. I'm finishing the last 7 animations of the character this week.

    The final scene is under preparation. Then follow a beta version to detect any bugs and errors. All this to allow a stable version when the game will be release.

    Feel free to comment and share, it is now that it becomes important.


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  • by wimf · Thursday, 10. May 2018, 16:09 h ~ 2 years ago
    Great news ! The game is finalized.

    Currently, a closed beta version is being tested. Once the tests are completed, I will announce the official release date.

    Do not hesitate to visit the official website

    In the meantime, i present a mini trailer of the game in French (the game includes English subtitles)

    Thank you to everyone who helped me on this forum during the development, and to the professionalism of the visionary studio team. Special thanks to SimonS, Sebastian, AFRLme and EricMatyas
  • by denis-the-menphis · Thursday, 10. May 2018, 21:27 h ~ 2 years ago
    Good news and good work mate! 

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