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  • by afrlme · Saturday, 30. April 2016, 23:41 h ~ 4 years ago
    Please could you create a news article about your kickstarter campaign as it will end up pinned to the top of the portal / pinboard page for at least a week, which means more people will read it.wink

    Anyway... I'll give you a shoutout about your kickstarter campaign via our twitter & steam group.
  • by sebastian · Sunday, 01. May 2016, 01:25 h ~ 4 years ago
    Good luck on kickstarter!
    Sadly this portal doesnt support Paypal :/
  • by wimf · Sunday, 01. May 2016, 12:42 h ~ 4 years ago
    Thank you very much for your help, it's very nice smile

    You're right, they should accept PayPal

    The new article is created :
  • by sebastian · Sunday, 01. May 2016, 20:20 h ~ 4 years ago

    Thats another forum topic and not a news articlewink
    to post news go here:
  • by afrlme · Sunday, 01. May 2016, 20:55 h ~ 4 years ago
    He already posted a news article.wink

    Unfortunately it will only be visible to people using the forum with English as primary language. It would be nice if Thomas also added a language filter option for news articles like they have done for forum posts.
  • by sebastian · Monday, 02. May 2016, 08:09 h ~ 4 years ago
    Ah okay...
    So there are news which are language separated and "articles" everyone can see?
  • by afrlme · Monday, 02. May 2016, 12:21 h ~ 4 years ago
    Unless Thomas combines the news section into one thing then you will only be able to see news articles based on the language you are using the forum in. You can change the language in your profile settings... ideally it would be nice to not bother with the language stuff as people really should be trying to post in English anyway, & more to the point if people really want to work in game dev & ever have the opportunity to do develop games as more than a hobby then they would need to be able to speak some English as they would more likely than not have to deal with people from other countries that either, a. do not speak any German, or are native English speakers.

    Another option Thomas could consider besides merging everything, or adding an option to view German / English news articles would be to create a little language toggle icon on the header menu to speed up the language changing process.
  • by wimf · Thursday, 06. July 2017, 20:29 h ~ 3 years ago
    Enhanced Version of the game under development.

    Since the release of version 5 of the moteur studio engine, I have reworked the entire game to provide a stable, more fluid version, and correct old bugs.

    The new engine incorporating a powerful particle generator, all the effects that were made in pre-calculated are now made in the integrated generator. The result is a better integration, events that make the game more alive (leaves that fly, dust in motion, fire, rain,..) and a much less greedy game.

    I also take advantage of this opportunity to add a lot of elements in the game (Graphics and others...) and some additional puzzles.

    Some dialogues of other characters are also added to the game.

    I am currently about 85 % of the project finalization. I'm trying to stick to the project every day so I can propose the final version within a reasonable time.

    I recall that the game is in full French, voice and text. English sub-titles are already in the game. A subtitled version in Spanish is also planned, thanks to the help of my friend Francisco.

    Do not hesitate to subscribe to my facebook page and follow the evolution of the project also on my website

    A simple like is already helping me, sharing even more. Thank you all if you like my project to spread information through your shares.

    thank you smile
  • by sebastian · Friday, 07. July 2017, 12:07 h ~ 3 years ago
    thought that project was dead ... 

    Never saw a release or download page. Only Demo and preorder... 
    What is the plan for the enhanced edition here? 
  • by wimf · Friday, 07. July 2017, 17:36 h ~ 3 years ago
    I had private worries that had put the project in "standby". These problems are now solved, and with your new version of visionary, the game is much better than before smile I plan a release of the game after the summer holidays. I regularly update my site with the progress of the project. Thanks again smile
  • by wimf · Friday, 21. July 2017, 15:12 h ~ 3 years ago

    The new trailer is done:

    And two video examples of completed scenes:

    Do not hesitate to subscribe to my Facebook page or my newsletter on my site to stay informed smile

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