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  • by wimf · Friday, 20. November 2015, 17:23 h ~ 5 years ago
    Hello everyone,

    I have just upload on my website and on my YouTube 2 new videos:

    1) Overview of some old and new rooms (technical video, not reveals the game scenario).

    2) New Room: The station

    I have completed 90% of environments. It going smile

    Follow my game on
  • by wimf · Friday, 04. December 2015, 22:37 h ~ 5 years ago
    New character is done.

    Video available (with french voices) on or

    New demo with new character and lot of enhancements available soon (12/12).
  • by wimf · Tuesday, 22. December 2015, 17:26 h ~ 5 years ago
    Since the new character and voice on my website alot returns are mostly positive. With the good reviews that I received, I fixed this release.

    I lost about one month to redo the new character animations, the release date will be postponed to the first quarter 2016. The final date will be announced in January. I hope you understand this report, which will have a better game.

    All the puzzles are completed, which allowed me to add a few pieces playable and change the scenario a bit to have several additional events in the adventure. The game contains 36 playable rooms.

    After reading the final script to many people, and with good advice received, the scenario is fixed and validated.

    Here's the latest on the progress of the game:


    o Screen of GSM interface, replaced for the possibility to calling with GSM directly in the room This includes a new system of dialogue, and a new animation during a GSM call.

    o The position of the dialogues is now fixed at a single location, thus facilitating the reading of texts.
    o Positions of the characters animations is synchronized ( correcting bad transition between differents animation).
    o Intro in BD Intro, with more action, including video effects.
    o Possibility to skip intro and tutorial with ESCAPE key.


    o The button battery has been replaced by a AA battery.
    o Fixed the position of the volume control sliders.
    o The English translation corrected with a good English (only in final version).

    Latest :

    o Animation when combining 2 objects.
    o Added many animations related to the action of the character
    o Added many animations when the player does not react.
    o The French voice have ended for the first piece, voices from other rooms are being records.
    o Subtitles can now be enabled or disabled in options menu.
    o Adding the voice volume control.
    o Added the choice of full screen or windowed.
    o Now that everything is set, and that nothing will change, I can officially announce that contain the 2 versions:

    The free version will contain:

    - 16 different environments.
    - 36 playable rooms.
    - Approximately 270 clickable or usable objects (in inventory or in rooms)
    - French Voice over all the characters, activated subtitles in French or English.

    If I reach the goal of my future crowdfunding campaign, The paid version will be available with the addition of free content:

    - Android and Ios version
    - Goodies:
    • - Soundtracks
    • - Artbooks
    • - Vidéo Tutorial in french (subtitled in English) of the room 1 : " How to create a fully playable game (room 1) " (From the sketch of the scene until we get to the full playable part, through modeling the room, objects, inserting the Visionaire Studio game engine, action planning, and integration of music and voices).

    New demo with lot of improvement coming soon.

    For a little help, thank you for sharing the project.
  • by Machtnix · Tuesday, 22. December 2015, 20:26 h ~ 5 years ago
    J'aime comme l'héros se propose d'ouvrir la porte... ;-)
  • by wimf · Tuesday, 05. January 2016, 13:36 h ~ 5 years ago
    Thank Machtnix, my character is a little crazy smile

    2 new rooms: Toilets coffee and a lobby
  • by wimf · Tuesday, 19. January 2016, 22:06 h ~ 5 years ago
    After some technical problems, I was forced to redo my website, it is now online, always at the same address
  • by wimf · Saturday, 20. February 2016, 15:16 h ~ 4 years ago

    The new demo of my adventure game point and click "Where is my Family? " is online. Thank you to read the following improvements before the download.

    The new demo contains the same number of rooms as the previous version but included many improvements, with among others:

    New youngest character, more suited to the history, replicas and voice
    New character animations
    Intro HD
    Voices of all the characters in full French (subtitles English and French)
    Integration of a musical composition, extracted from the theme of the final version.
    Ambient sounds and new sound effects
    Dialogue mobile phone (now the character takes and picks up his mobile and has an animation during the dialogue)
    SMS reception on the mobile phone of the main character.
    Enabling / Disabling the game's music with objects in the room (eg : a radio).
    Full screen mode or windowed
    dynamic volume (music decreases during the dialogues)
    Adding a road map for moving the character in the city (the places on the map are added to as and when the character progression). The demo shows the first map displayed but places will be available in the final version
    And many more to discover

    [u]As many fixes, including: (partial list)[/u]

    Position of all texts unified and dynamic if the inventory is opened.
    Battery "CR" replaced by a AA battery
    French spelling and grammar revised and corrected
    Animation of opening drawers corrected
    Animation of the action of taking the little robot corrected
    Screen vibration during the dialogue in front of the shelf corrected
    Screen « End of demo » modified
    Possibility to skip intro by pressing ESCAPE

    Note that the grammar and spelling of English texts will be corrected by a professional in the final version.

    And to respond to various requests, here is information about the release of the final version:

    [u]Release date:[/u]

    Having the majority of the items to complete the game (estimated at 90% of the content), the release of the final version will be effective from early April to late May 2016. A more specific date will be announced once finalized will be sufficiently advanced. Before, I will launch a crowdfunding campaign that I hope will be well shared;). I will announce the campaign here and on my website

    [u]The final content:[/u]

    The free version :

    Full story
    16 different environments
    36 playable rooms
    More than 270 interactive objects
    Thematic music.
    French voice of the main character, subtitles can be activated in French and English. The other characters only subtitled
    Version Windows, Linux and Mac

    The commercial version:

    Full story with several twists situations. with more intrigue and lengthening history.
    16 different environments
    36 playable rooms
    More than 270 interactive objects
    Thematic music.
    French voice on all the characters, subtitles can be activated in French and English.
    Version Windows, Linux,Mac and mobile (Android & Ios)
    Several mini-games during the game (can be disabled in the menu)
    French tutorial, subtitled English, to teach you to create an adventure game A to Z (since the writing of history and puzzles, through modeling scenes, integration in the engine Visionaire game studio, mixing and overlay of voices and music, coding and compiling the final game installation file) + 30 days of free assistance on the tutorial.
    Original soundtrack in digital format

    Good luck in all and thank you in advance if you speak about the game to your friends

    demo download link:
  • by wimf · Wednesday, 27. April 2016, 11:56 h ~ 4 years ago
    After a few days of absence on forums, I have still not stopped working on my game.

    2 news:

    - The new trailer is completed and online

    - I run my campaign crowdfunding this weekend. I'll put the link as soon as it is online

    See you soon smile
  • by sebastian · Wednesday, 27. April 2016, 12:07 h ~ 4 years ago
    Oh, looks like the main character got new clothes?
  • by wimf · Wednesday, 27. April 2016, 12:23 h ~ 4 years ago
    Yes, the character fits much better into the environment with this model of clothes;)
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 30. April 2016, 23:41 h ~ 4 years ago
    Please could you create a news article about your kickstarter campaign as it will end up pinned to the top of the portal / pinboard page for at least a week, which means more people will read it.wink

    Anyway... I'll give you a shoutout about your kickstarter campaign via our twitter & steam group.
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