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  • by wimf · Thursday, 29. October 2015, 10:22 h ~ 5 years ago
    very good ideas.

    I'll think about the actions that I will give my characters to right click and left.

    For the multi-click, I will also see how I'll use it. You're right, and I have to adapt the text so that the player feels good why must click several times.

    and I'll try for the script.

    thank you a lot.
  • by sebastian · Thursday, 29. October 2015, 11:11 h ~ 5 years ago
    Noclip is when a character can fly/go through walls.

    When filling the bottle, the animation of the hero is too high. His feet are inside the side of the Box beside the bucket.
  • by wimf · Thursday, 29. October 2015, 11:24 h ~ 5 years ago
    Not working for me roll

    My value :
    Value bookcursor=0

    Conditions :

    My object action :

    Cursor enters object area :
    If value bookcursor=0
    Execute script 'setCursor("eyes")'
    If value bookcursor=1
    Execute script 'setCursor("hand")'

    Curseur leaves object area :
    Execute script 'setCursor("arrow")'

    'eyes' executed
    Display text by character 'ben' => A book.....
    Value 'bookcursor=1


    'hand' executed
    Display text by character 'ben' => "I take..."
    Add item "book" to character 'Ben'
    change condition 'showbook' to false


    If my mouse enter in objet area, the cursor change to eyes , and if my mouse leave to object area, the cursor change to arrow. It's ok !


    If i click on my object , the character talk "A book..." but if i don't move my mouse (so without leaving the object area), after the end of the text, I am obliged to leave the area and go again so that the cursor becomes "hand."

    I can not change the "cursor Enters object area" in hand without leave and return to the area

    Thank in advance for your help smile
  • by wimf · Thursday, 29. October 2015, 11:25 h ~ 5 years ago
    Ok ,thank you. I will check the "noclip" problem smile
  • by wimf · Friday, 30. October 2015, 08:40 h ~ 5 years ago
    The problem is solved for the "noclip" smile

    For cons, I still have the problem of the action cursor that changes only when I leave then enter into the object area (see post above)
  • by sebastian · Friday, 30. October 2015, 10:29 h ~ 5 years ago
    the problem here is that you set them in a "on cursor enter" action.
    You could try to register a mouse move hook via lua because that doesn't need any enter/leave...
  • by afrlme · Friday, 30. October 2015, 12:11 h ~ 5 years ago
    Why the if queries in the on mouse enter action?

    This is my current set cursor script...

    -- * function used to check if item held is false, if so then set cursor n * --
    function setCursor(n)
    if game.ActiveCommand:getName() == Interfaces["int_control"].StandardCommand:getName() then
    startAction("Actions[set_cursor_" .. n .. "]") -- call the specified called by other action


    ... basically it checks if the current command is the name of the standard command in my main interface which I have named "int_control" & if true then it updates the cursor.
  • by wimf · Friday, 30. October 2015, 17:22 h ~ 5 years ago
    Thank you a lot

    I will test here this weekend and I want you informed
  • by wimf · Wednesday, 04. November 2015, 11:38 h ~ 5 years ago
    Thank you Sebastian.204 and AFRLme.

    Your solution work. Now the mouse interface works great.

    The corrected demo is online.

    thank you.
  • by sebastian · Thursday, 05. November 2015, 22:13 h ~ 5 years ago
    i think i will wait for the next big update/release to test it next time
  • by wimf · Friday, 20. November 2015, 17:23 h ~ 5 years ago
    Hello everyone,

    I have just upload on my website and on my YouTube 2 new videos:

    1) Overview of some old and new rooms (technical video, not reveals the game scenario).

    2) New Room: The station

    I have completed 90% of environments. It going smile

    Follow my game on
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