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  • by brut69 · Saturday, 21. March 2015, 11:33 h ~ 3 years ago
    best thing to do is to hire an artist but those ain't cheap
  • by AFRLme · Saturday, 21. March 2015, 12:10 h ~ 3 years ago
    There are artists willing to do art / animation for free, cheap, credit or royalties, if you look for them.wink

    Can always put a request out on indiedb or in some of the game dev groups on facebook or reddit, etc.

    Alternatively if you don't mind your character only doing sideways walk animations (mostly) then you could use sprite parts & a program like spine, spriter or anime studio pro for creating 2D skeletal / bone animations.
  • by Marian77 · Saturday, 21. March 2015, 13:58 h ~ 3 years ago
    Also important: When you have the walk directions, that's just a small part of the character animations you will need. There should be also animations for speak, take, use etc. At least basic versions of the animation types, which contain altogether even more frames than just the walk animations.
  • by blablo_101 · Thursday, 26. March 2015, 22:11 h ~ 3 years ago
    Maybe here:

    It's a design shop, with video game assets, but 4/8 walking cycles it's hard to find... Good luck ; )
  • by unreal · Friday, 27. March 2015, 12:09 h ~ 3 years ago
    You could also make the character animations yourself easily using CrazyTalk Animator and pre-made character. It comes with plenty of customizable pre-made animations, and the cool thing is that you can use 3D animations on a 2D character ! So you don't have to make the animation for every angles (that's time saving). Check the video on the website.
  • by blablo_101 · Wednesday, 01. April 2015, 15:45 h ~ 3 years ago
    Just remember! In you can find character animation and video game characters.

    I think one image cost 15 $ -20$ (more or less)

    Here is an example:
  • by jetsetwilly · Wednesday, 01. April 2015, 23:13 h ~ 3 years ago
  • by unreal · Thursday, 02. April 2015, 15:59 h ~ 3 years ago
    Hi everyone,

    I've made a smooth animated character (walk&talk in 8 directions) using CrazyTalk Animator 2. It's not that easy to make than I thought but it's efficient ! Feel free to use it for your project (Vis4.1) it's a free of right character as mentioned on CrazyTalk Animator's Website.

  • by 3dFoin · Friday, 29. May 2015, 09:58 h ~ 3 years ago
    You may try iClone, it has pre-made 3d characters and animations which you can export (render) to image files

    you can buy models at our store also, we have many fantasy characters/creature and some modern ones, they're animated, we can render those animations for you:

    character example attached.

  • by gibojose · Thursday, 05. October 2017, 14:04 h ~ 12 months ago
    I just found very nice 2D characters also here. Which is i bought some of their very nice characters and they also have a free stuff as well.
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