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  • by armhanson · Sunday, 22. November 2015, 07:32 h ~ 5 years ago
    Thanks for the exhaustive info! Very useful and appreciated.
  • by Machtnix · Wednesday, 25. November 2015, 02:55 h ~ 5 years ago
    P.S: programming is very logic based. If you can wrap your head around basic logic of how things should work, then you're already on the right path, so to speak.

    Sure, but...:

    I think, programming is thinking like a machine. So if you can do this the code language doesn't matter. PHP, Java, Basic, Lua - it's all the same (mostly). It's only the tool do do what in your mind.

    I can't and every coding is Mount Everest to me.

    For me every programming has three parts:

    Finding the problem.
    Finding the algorithm.
    Finding the right tool (the right language which is the best for).
    (Of course finding mistakes, but that's another story...)

    Finding the problem isn't the problem - I know what to do -, but finding the algorithm. I am an human being and I can't think around the corner (in German: "um die Ecke denken"). That's maybe because I'm an artist. I know a lot of very good programmers, but 90% of them are bad artists and painters. Most of them are very good in music. Maybe art and coding are not friends...

    My programming codes are linear and very bad, only useful for this one case I need for. I want so solve a problem: yes, but ONLY this with all tools I find. Very dirty, not-modular, not looking left and right. For example I use ten if-phrases in each other because that's my way to think as an human! First I have to decide one thing. Two cases: true or false. After them I decide the next thing. True or false. And so on... If I have 30 objects: I make 30 functions or use 30 names. That's how I understand the world.

    So I persist in the 2nd level. I don't find the way to solve the problem in an elegant machine way. I don't care of the language (comes later), because it's all the same to me. I have tried to understand this "object" thing, with this pointed scripting or without - for about ten years! No chance. Japanese Kanji are easier to me...

    I believe many people are afraid of this abstract thinking. You can't use it every day, so you are like an "Asperger" who has questions about the "logic" behind all of them. But there isn't logic everywhere... :-)

    There is a popular example of a paradoxy game show. I haven't understand the statistic formular yet. I tried for months!
    You have the choice between three doors. There are two goats behind and a car as the main prize. You make your choice first and point at the door. The showmaster opens one of the goat doors you didn't choose. Now you have only two doors. Is it 50:50?. The answer should be: change your previous choice in mind and take the other one, you get a better chance to win. You know this, right? It's funny enough to make a knot in your brain.

    That's programming for me. I can't stand it.

    But why should I? There are friends for... ;-)

    And: all information are mostly in English. It takes one hour to write this, because English ist the K2 to me...

  • by afrlme · Wednesday, 25. November 2015, 11:49 h ~ 5 years ago
    There are some German blogs / websites dedicated to Lua script & various other programming languages. All programming languages (as far as I know) are always in English though. I believe it is done like that, because it would make the programs you code with very heavy if they supported multi-language operators, function names & so on for everything.

    Just imagine if you could access each thing with multiple languages...

    and, und, y, etc
    or, oder, o, etc
    else, sonst, otra cosa (not sure if that is correct), etc
    function, funktion, funciĆ³n, etc

    & so on & so on.
  • by Machtnix · Wednesday, 25. November 2015, 16:57 h ~ 5 years ago
    Hi, AFRLme, the problem isn't the language itself. All languages are in English, you are right. And they are similar. The problem is the missing documentation BEFORE I use the language and HOW I use it (as I wrote in my thread). I only need a good reference (in German as possible) to use the functions and terms and loops. It's like a manual for an electric saw. Which button is for what? If I want to use a Lua loop I have to look into the reference how. Thats enough.

    But If you haven't any talent for coding or if you haven't studied informatics you haven't an eye for the ways to solve a problem with coding. If you don't know how to use a saw the manual is absolutely useless. You can or cannot use a saw - it's not important which brand. I think, Lua is a good language - not too big, not too small. I don't need multiple languages inside (I declare my variables in German as I call my persons, scenes or objects in German), but maybe it's comfortable to do this.

    If s.o. has coding talent: the language doesn't matter. It's only a saw.
    If there isn't talent: learning a language doesn't make any sense.

  • by rahul-kumar · Wednesday, 24. June, 07:52 h ~ 3 months ago
    I just wondered about coding. So C++ is basic thing to learn for coder. But what I want to know is are every single code based on C++?

    C++ is an Object-oriented programming language.  OOP reflects the real world behavior of how things work. It is important because

    • It make visualization easier because it is closest to real world scenarios.
    • You can reuse the code, this saves time, and shrinks your project.
    • Once you know the concept, it makes you a cooler coder among your friendswink .

    There are 3 basic features of object oriented programming language:

    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Encapsulation

    By using these features you can easily reuse your program or part of your program. Object oriented programming provides you a power to do programming in a very effective manner. Learn OOP concept and implement it in your daily programs.

  • by afrlme · Sunday, 28. June, 12:57 h ~ 3 months ago
    nice necro.
  • by Machtnix · Friday, 03. July, 13:48 h ~ 3 months ago
    For me, Lua is a kind of prison, a closed room where only clerks get in or out. There is a world inside and a world outside.
    For example: since I don't know how to ask for the outfit in Lua, I call the script within an if question. So: an incessant change between script and editor with value transfer, as far as I know. This can be done more elegantly, if the "if" in the script itself takes place. But I don't know how...
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 04. July, 12:20 h ~ 2 months ago
    also, nice necro. roll
  • by Machtnix · Saturday, 04. July, 20:08 h ~ 2 months ago
    What's "necro"???
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 04. July, 22:12 h ~ 2 months ago
    A necropost is a post on an "old, abandoned thread that has been considered 'dead' for a while...that no longer serves any purpose but is bumped back up to the top of the forums by someone posting in it." Necroposting is seen as a form of spam and clogs up the forums with old and unneeded topics.
    when someone says "nice necro" it's a polite way to say stop posting in this thread as it's ancient history. the last post was 5 years ago, which means you might as well just go ahead & start a new thread instead of rehashing a thread is full of dust & cobwebs.wink

  • by Machtnix · Saturday, 04. July, 22:18 h ~ 2 months ago
    Well, I didn't know it. I thought it's a  general thread about learning Lua... 
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