by Pyke · Tuesday, 19. October 2010, 14:44 h ~ 8 years ago


    A place where anything is possible, where scientists have free reign to perform experiments without that pesky moral compass. Without the need to worry about approval, lobbiests, or religious movmements explaining 'why' something shouldnt be done. This was the purpose of the research station Groomlake.
    A hub of the greatest scientific minds of the known world. Human cloning, genetic engineering, bio-weapon research, super soldier programs, all with 100% backings from corporations and even some world governments. Nothing was beyond the relms of human possiblity on the Groomlake.

    And then it vanished.

    On an unused subspace frequency, Captain Maracheck, of The Hawking listens to space noise. Chatter. background interfearance from stars, occasioannly a radio transmission that gets caught up in the static. He is free floating in the Kuiper Belt, 'fishing' for satelites, debri from mining craft, anything worth something.
    Marachecks ship, The Hawking, is a small craft, with most of that being engine compartments, fuel, oxygen gardens, and storage space. The living compartment is the size of a caravan, with a small cockpit control deck.
    The cargo bay ,the largest area, has a basket ball hoop, and a miniature golf course drawn on the ground in paint-now faded from quite a few years of dragging cargo over it, or just playing. Through the cargo hold is a decon chamber, which leads to the airlock.

    Through the chatter, he hears a clicking...a regular pattern. Resetting the reciever to hone in on the signal, he pilots his ship towards it...
    Drifting past a huge collection of space dust, he sees a collosal ship. The engines are dead, and the ship is heavily damaged from bombardment by small, and some not so small objects in space. But it is definitely salvagable. Definitely worth quite a bit of money. Definately a good day for Maracheck!

    The Hawking pulls up closer to the dead ship. The docking port seems undamaged, but obviously offline. The ship pilots itself along side the docking arms, and fires teathers across. The airlock opens, and Maracheck, in full salvage gear, floats across to the ship. It is almost completely black, except for the running lights from the Dortmunder, and the teather lights flickering on the unknown craft...

    Using a cutting torch, he removes the protective panel covering the docking terminal, and attaches a control nodule to the craft. He tells The Hawking to interface with the computer, and opens the airlock...


    The story of Stasis has been in my mind for a very long time. Initially it started out as an outlet for bored weekends...a 'universe' to create artwork for, in between jobs. Then I thought about taking it further. Creating a game, or at least, some game environments and mockups of what it *could* be like.
    Being a MASSIVE adventure game fan, this seemed like the perfect genre for an exploration story, so I began to design the game on paper, and started creating artwork for the various puzzles, characters, and of course, the environments.

    Im a newbie to Visionaire, but do have experience with other 2D engines. With the game design doc completed, and the environments well on their way, I thought it was time to dive forward. I know that I will have many questions with regards to the engine, so thought that I would put up some graphics, and mock ups from the design doc to hopefully get people interested in what Im doing, and more willing to help when I get stuck! Which will probably be quite often.wink

    I will be focusing initially on the scenes inside The Hawking, with a few mini-puzzles to get myself familiar with the engine (which is fantastic by the way!)

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
  • by Einzelkämpfer · Tuesday, 19. October 2010, 18:51 h ~ 8 years ago
    The artwork looks terrific. Very promising. smile
  • by Pyke · Wednesday, 20. October 2010, 09:51 h ~ 8 years ago
    Thanks man!
    Here is a shot right outa Visionaire. Its amazing how quickly you can something playable with the engine.

  • by marvel · Wednesday, 20. October 2010, 12:08 h ~ 8 years ago
    Wow, absolute impressive... i do like science fiction scenarios very much. The story seems to be very thrilling and your artworks and ingame screenshots are awesome. Great work!

    Btw. ... please write an official news abour your game time by time. smile I already did it in the german area for you.

  • by Pyke · Wednesday, 20. October 2010, 13:42 h ~ 8 years ago
    Thanks man! Ive always wanted to see more 'serious sci fi' adventure games. The Dig had some of those elements, but Im thinking more along the lines of the 'serious' feel of Dead Space, but wrapped in the mechanics of an adventure game.

    The first part of the game, The Hawking, is pretty much completed from a graphics standpoint. The ship has been designed to have a logical flow and placement of rooms. The actual 3D model of The Hawking has been fully worked out to be able to actually 'exist', with central plumbing areas, elevators and stairs that actually lead to other levels, oxygen gardens that allow for production of breathable air...and even a holographic stripper for some company on those long space journeys.wink

    Ill be updating this thread as often as possible. I have quite a few puzzles planned, but have no idea how to implement them in Visionaire-but learning is half the fun!
  • by aeyol · Wednesday, 20. October 2010, 23:12 h ~ 8 years ago
    This looks pretty amazing! The shots remind me a bit of the classic roleplaying game Planescape:Torment (which was another setting, of course - what I mean is the lovely deep and dark atmosphere). Is Stasis goin to be a "pure" adventure game or will it have action/rpg elements? The ring around the character´s feet is a bit confusing when I think about a classic adventure game. smile Confusing in a positive way that´s making me curious.wink
  • by ingumak · Thursday, 21. October 2010, 07:36 h ~ 8 years ago
    Looks awesome! Congratulations, the graphics are amazing.
    Good luck. Hope to see more soon! smile
  • by Pyke · Thursday, 21. October 2010, 13:01 h ~ 8 years ago
    Hey aeyol,

    I love Planescape: Torment (hell, I love pretty much every game that Black Isle had ever made!). If ever there was a game that NEEDS a sequel, its Planescape: Torment! Any game with a talking, floating, evil skull is just going to be awesome.wink
    The sound in that game was fantastic. I would love to get some voice actors in STASIS (obviously WELL into development!), as it really adds another dimension to the game world. The music as well in that notch!

    From a design point, there are no action RPG elements to STASIS, and it really is a 'pure adventure game', with the obvious exception of it being locked to an isometric camera. Thats more of a personal I said, I love Black Isle games, and in general older RPGs. I love the Isometric viewpoint of these games, and really wanted to create something hearkening back to that style of graphics-which I fear is being lost.

    Originally you were going to have multiple characters to choose from, each with a different skill set with which to tackle the puzzles in the game. So the 'intellectual' would solve situations with logic, the mechanic would solve the puzzles with a hammer, etc. But that really just opened up a whole bag of new issues, and I didn't think it added enough to the game to really warrant it being included.
    HOWEVER, something that stayed was the ability to solve situations using multiple ways, dependent on a players style. Some adventure game players enjoy actual 'mini game' puzzles, like sliding games, or 'complete the circuit' games, whereas others prefer the 'try the inventory item' way, and some prefer to take chances on the ridiculous. The puzzles in STASIS are designed that most of them can be completed in a multitude of ways. Let me give an example:

    When you first venture out into space to dock with The Groomlake, the airlock is sealed shut. Now one way of getting into the airlock is to return to The Hawking, where you have an acidic gel thats used to dissolve metal, come back outside, and dissolve the airlock hinges open, to get inside. Another way is to use your multi-tool on the electronic panel to the side, and complete a puzzle involving moving wires around to reset 'close' to 'open', forcing the airlock to release the locks. A third option is to explore the side of the ship a little, where you find a damaged panel that was struck with debris. Forcing the panel open exposes internal circuitry, which you use a piece of a chess set that you are building to short out the circuits of the airlock locking mechanism.
    Each way has the same outcome, of getting into the airlock, but the ways of getting it done are completely different. This is just one example, with three different ways of moving forward. Some will be more straight forward, with just 1 way of getting something done, while others will have up to 5 different solutions to the puzzles.

    Its funny you mention the selection circle. That was there because I wanted a lot of the game to be in quite dark areas, and was worried that the character would get lost. Ive taken it out for now, but it may come back at a later date.wink


    Thanks mate! grin Im a 3d Artist first and foremost, so its nice to know that even if the game sucks ass, someone will still think the art is cool. grin
  • by selmiak · Thursday, 21. October 2010, 17:45 h ~ 8 years ago
    hey, wow, this looks so cool!
    good luck on your journey of completing it smile
  • by aeyol · Thursday, 21. October 2010, 20:56 h ~ 8 years ago
    Thank you very much for your detailed answer, Pyke. smile
    I like the idea of different ways to solve the puzzles and I know that it´s possible with Visionaire (I just can´t help when it comes to solving visionaire-puzzles/questions since I´m only a concept artist who never tried touching the code/logic.wink ).

    And I´m a big fan of PS:T, too, so I´d love to play an adventure game in iso view (maybe you know Sanitarium? Another adventure with iso view).
  • by Pyke · Friday, 22. October 2010, 10:37 h ~ 8 years ago

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