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  • by nenad-asanovic · Tuesday, 10. April 2018, 14:38 h ~ 2 years ago
    Thanks  AFRLme. Script works... Still no one from my mac testers could not create screenshot. It is set to F12 and they use PC keyboard with all functions same as on PC. Maybe there is an issue of visionaire reading PC keyboard function on mac? Well anyway, it is not huge issue but would be nice to have some clue of what is going on here smile
  • by afrlme · Tuesday, 10. April 2018, 15:22 h ~ 2 years ago
    Try one of the regular keys like C or something. Also make sure F12 & whichever other key you use is a key released event. I don't have my mac mini handy for testing, so unfortunately I can't check myself. It's currently being used as a media box in the main lounge.

    P.S: you can actually check which OS is running with a simple if query, so you could wrap the key events in conditions so that F12 works on PC & C (or whichever key) only works on the mac.

    if getProperty("platform") == "win" then
     Values["os"].Int = 1
    elseif getProperty("platform") == "mac" then
     Values["os"].Int = 2


    Just add the script into the launch actions inside of an execute a script. Don't forget to create a value somewhere & name it "os". & here's an example of the action part usage...

    if value "os" is 1
     execute/call screenshot script...
    end if

    Should be enough to go on I think?

    As for mac, I think it's recommended to use an actual mac keyboard. I know I had a few issues when I tried using a windows keyboard as the mac layout/input is different.
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