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  • by afrlme · Sunday, 26. July 2015, 13:18 h ~ 6 years ago
    I had the same issue with trying to record while game was running in fullscreen with camtasia. It seemed to record my desktop instead of the game. The only solution I found was to open game in window mode on my secondary HD monitor instead, however AMD seeing to be providing a tool called Raptr (something like that) with recent gpu update, which I believe comes with screenshot & screen recording features - I've not tested them out though.

    In regards to camtasia: it has a nice preset export setting for exporting for websites which creates pretty small but good quality mp4 file (if I remember correctly - I think I had to change one or two settings though to set it to 1080p).
  • by ke4 · Sunday, 26. July 2015, 13:46 h ~ 6 years ago
    Err..sorry. no, the OBS still doesn't work. It looks like that, but it doesn't. It records like 2frames per minute. ( still beter then the black screen which was recording before )
  • by Simon_ASA · Sunday, 26. July 2015, 15:17 h ~ 6 years ago
    Have you tried CamStudio?
    It's free. You can record in Avi with various codecs and it usually works great.
  • by ke4 · Sunday, 26. July 2015, 16:20 h ~ 6 years ago
    Yes mate, but it's recording the screen when i'm playing the game..
  • by nenad-asanovic · Friday, 06. April 2018, 13:18 h ~ 3 years ago
    I use this Lua for screenshots and had no problems with it. Now I made MacOS version and one of my testers tried to make screenshot but it did not work... It is for me unclear where folder should be placed on MacOS? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  • by sebastian · Friday, 06. April 2018, 13:43 h ~ 3 years ago
    the screenshot directory has to exist for the lua script to work. How does it look? 
  • by nenad-asanovic · Friday, 06. April 2018, 13:51 h ~ 3 years ago
    I do not have MacOS but several of people I know only from my discord does, so they are testing game on MacOS one of them tried move folder everywhere inside game folders and he could not create screenshot. Same version on game screenshots work perfectly when folder exist. This is one of screenshots he made of mac dir structure, and this did not work.
  • by afrlme · Friday, 06. April 2018, 14:37 h ~ 3 years ago
    You can actually use the Lua File System thing Simon implemented back in 4.x to create a new folder. I just checked it & it created one where the log & save game files go with this code...
    lfs.mkdir(localAppDir .. "screenshots")

    If you use this instead...

    then it will create the screenshots folder in the root directory where the games exe/ved file is located.
  • by sommer1993 · Friday, 06. April 2018, 20:10 h ~ 3 years ago
  • by afrlme · Friday, 06. April 2018, 21:43 h ~ 3 years ago
    AMD also has a built in screenshot & video capture solution too called "relive", but he's talking about the built in screenshot function for VS.

  • by nenad-asanovic · Tuesday, 10. April 2018, 14:38 h ~ 3 years ago
    Thanks  AFRLme. Script works... Still no one from my mac testers could not create screenshot. It is set to F12 and they use PC keyboard with all functions same as on PC. Maybe there is an issue of visionaire reading PC keyboard function on mac? Well anyway, it is not huge issue but would be nice to have some clue of what is going on here smile
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