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    by pds · Thursday, 23. July 2015, 18:23 h ~ 6 years ago
    Hello, what are you guys using to capture a game in screen?
    i'm using ctrol stamp+ control v in photoshop but it don't seem to work.

    Anyway, any advice on video capturing too?
  • by sebastian · Thursday, 23. July 2015, 18:49 h ~ 6 years ago
    do you mean making a screenshot of "any" game or regarding vs games?

    In the most cases pressing the "print" key on the keyBoard saves a Screenshot to the clipboard which can be pasted via ctrl+v.
    In some 3D games rhis doesnt work because of direct3d and stuff...

    recording videos is done in many ways. I use Screenflow for mac os x.
    Fraps is a popular tool fir Windows.
  • by afrlme · Thursday, 23. July 2015, 20:16 h ~ 6 years ago
    There's actually a Lua function for screen capturing. Just add this script to an execute a script action inside of a key event (released) action.

    -- save to "screenshots" folder as "(date)_(time).png"
    local time ="%Y-%m-%d_%Hh-%Mm-%Ss")


    I'm afraid you will manually have to create the "screenshots" folder in your projects root folder as Lua as no direct way of creating directories at least not without using the os.execute() function which isn't very secure, nor without the LuaFileSystem add-on, which we don't seem to have included with VS. If you try saving to a folder that doesn't exist then VS won't create the screenshots.

    P.S: VS forum seems to be trying to parse the image extension in the code block for some reason. Here's the link to the wiki page.
  • by pds · Friday, 24. July 2015, 08:52 h ~ 6 years ago
    i'm gonna try thank you a lot
  • by Dilated · Saturday, 25. July 2015, 09:34 h ~ 6 years ago
    I use Fraps to take my screenshots.
  • by Simon_ASA · Saturday, 25. July 2015, 20:37 h ~ 6 years ago
    I'm using the script of AFRLme on a key (F12) and it's working great. Just search "screenshots" in the wiki.
    I also use Fraps sometimes for video recording. Good luck!
  • by ke4 · Saturday, 25. July 2015, 20:42 h ~ 6 years ago
    Do you know about some good free software for video recording in Visionaire? I'm normaly using OBS, but for some reason it can't record from Visionaire or atleast i didn't figure it how.
  • by Simon_ASA · Saturday, 25. July 2015, 21:57 h ~ 6 years ago
    The best free software I know (and use) is CamStudio:

    However it is quite difficult to configure properly. You need to use their own video codec (provided for free on the site) but it's a little tricky to make everything work.

    Fraps is very good and specialized to make game catpures. It works with Visionaire, but it's not free.

    The very best video recorder that I know is Camtasia:
    But it's not free at all... So CamStudio (first link above) is the best alternative.

    I have also found recently the free Srecorder that I have never tried:
    On their site it looks promising. If someone tries it, I'd love to know their opinion!
  • by ke4 · Saturday, 25. July 2015, 22:16 h ~ 6 years ago
    Thanks i'll give a shot to Srecorder then.
  • by ke4 · Sunday, 26. July 2015, 08:33 h ~ 6 years ago
    I tried download the Srecorder but i didn't manage to instal it as Chrome was still deleting the file as risky file. I didn't want to chance my luck so i tried OBS again i download the newest version and it works now great.
  • by afrlme · Sunday, 26. July 2015, 13:18 h ~ 6 years ago
    I had the same issue with trying to record while game was running in fullscreen with camtasia. It seemed to record my desktop instead of the game. The only solution I found was to open game in window mode on my secondary HD monitor instead, however AMD seeing to be providing a tool called Raptr (something like that) with recent gpu update, which I believe comes with screenshot & screen recording features - I've not tested them out though.

    In regards to camtasia: it has a nice preset export setting for exporting for websites which creates pretty small but good quality mp4 file (if I remember correctly - I think I had to change one or two settings though to set it to 1080p).
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