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    by dos4gw · Saturday, 12. March 2016, 21:09 h ~ 5 years ago
    Hey all! We're looking into getting our texts translated from English to German, and we were thinking someone here might be willing.

    This would be a fairly big job, and would require someone with a firm grasp on the source language, enough to pick up on subtle jokes and wordplay. Also, we'd need this person to take on the role of a tester as well, specifically to identify any problems that might arise with the translation.

    Send me a message if you are interested. Thanks!
  • by shayh · Thursday, 03. June, 15:54 h ~ 2 weeks ago
    I am interested in this job., but unfortunately, I don't know English so well and at the moment I'm trying to improve my English skills by developing my vocabulary, which I think is essential. I found a site that helps me a lot, being a vocabulary worksheets section where I constantly learn new things. Now I learn from verb tense worksheets and can say that it is hard but I will do it. Overall, I know I still have a lot to learn but I am ambitious and I know for sure that I will have beautiful results.
  • by afrlme · Thursday, 03. June, 18:30 h ~ 2 weeks ago
    I am interested in this job.
    um... I think you are 5 years too late. nice thread necro.

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