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    by afrlme · Friday, 07. October 2016, 19:49 h ~ 4 years ago
    A'llo fellow Visionaire-ites!

    As you can probably guess, I'm wanting to compile a list of games made with the Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine. I'm only after finished games mind. It doesn't matter if it's a mini-game, commercial game or free to play, just as long as it's been released & isn't some technical demo for an upcoming or abandoned game.

    I've already started compiling a list on the wiki, with links (if available) to their official website, steam, gog, download page. You can find the page here.

    I've also associated all VS made games released on Steam that I know about to the VS steam group, which can be found here. If you've got a Steam account & you haven't already done so, then please consider joining the group.wink
  • by sebastian · Friday, 07. October 2016, 21:35 h ~ 4 years ago
    wasn't there "Onksventure" lately? Short, but still a ill game release i guess. Also i remeber a game with a pumkin as the main character... Don't know the game title exactly
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 00:20 h ~ 4 years ago
    Me either. There's probably some older titles made a few years back. I should check the main VS download page & store as I'm sure some are listed on those sections of the website.

    I didn't realize Onksventure thing had been released. I do vaguely recall a thread for it though. Anyway, added it under "Pan Sartre" on the game index page. Don't know if that's their developer / publisher name mind.

    * edit #1: seems the store has been cleared except for VS licenses

    * edit #2: there's 2 titles I can see on the VS download page. Captain Delta & Big Time Monkey. I've no clue what to add for Big Time Monkey's developer / publisher name at all - not like I can add the name of the university they made the game as coursework for.
  • by sebastian · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 01:45 h ~ 4 years ago
    pan sartre is the developer from onksventrue himself (

    The shop got cleared a while back though (9 months?). I guess it was also because of my mention to Marvel that a lot stuff in the shop had dead links...
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 02:12 h ~ 4 years ago
    I've not checked the shop in probably over a year & to be honest I've never actually used it before either.

    I've decided to use the lead devs name for the Big Time Monkey game. He seems to have made some other games (under his own name, I guess), though none of them seem to have been made with VS.

    Got just over 20 games listed so far. Not too bad I guess, but not that great either. There's probably quite a lot of older titles & titles I don't generally know about. I know Daedalic are supposedly working on another title made with VS (don't know what it is though) & there's some upcoming games like Paradigm & a few others that look nice. Paradigm looks like it will end up being one of those cult classic games - Jacob is one crazy Aussie with equally crazy ideas! grin
  • by sebastian · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 13:38 h ~ 4 years ago
    Seems that finished VS projects are really rare out there...

    I know there are some well looking games still in development which may boost up your list even if they are not finished yet:


    waldemar the warlock

    Midnight at the Celestial Palace: Chapter I

    A Little Less Desperation

    tiny & Tall: Gleipnir
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 14:00 h ~ 4 years ago
    haha... I'm actually working / helping out with a few of those titles.

    I provide the odd bit of support for Paradigm now & then over skype.

    Not heard anything from Waldemar team since their kickstarter campaign.

    Might be doing a bit of freelance on Midnight game soon. Waiting on Justin to get back to me.

    I'm personally sorting out development & scripting for ALLD game. Spare time since ages. Technical demo was done a little while ago. Marian has been working on the Kickstarter campaign for past couple months or so. Going slowly, but he's been busy.

    I've provided a bit of help for tiny & Tall in the past too. Here & maybe via skype or email (I forget which).

    Currently helping out with an upcoming myst-like sci-fi point & click game meets visual novel (cut-scenes) which is titled "Minotaur" - don't know if that's the final title or working title.

    I also helped out with both ASA & Catyph & various other titles. Actually I really should finish sorting out my website & portfolio as I'm losing track of things on account of my terrible memory. roll

    P.S: there's an old mysterious photo of me on the ALLD website. Probably from about 5 years or so ago. I say mysterious as you can only see part of my face up-close. I mostly tend to use my ex-indie record label / forum AF logo as my avatar everywhere. Privacy & all that. Marian wants me to take a new photo for the kickstarter campaign, but I'm not a fan of having my photo taken - oh well...

    P.P.S: I think there's probably a lot more projects than we know about. Take for example the "Minotaur" game I mentioned. I don't remember seeing any threads on here for it. The dev behind that ended up getting in contact with me through indiedb (my profile seems to be broken on here), but anyway my point is that I didn't know about it until they sent me a message about doing some freelance work for them. There's a few other titles listed under VS engine on indiedb too, but don't have a clue about the state of them. By the way, you forgot to mention SDMono's project "Max Greene" which looks like it will be a nice retro pixel p+c game - I don't have a clue about the state of the project, as I've not seen any updates for it in quite a while.
  • by marvel · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 18:26 h ~ 4 years ago
    Some upcoming Games

    Pillars of the Earth
    The devil's men
    The Orgastic 4
    Sandra & Woo
    Sherman Toothrot

    Four Last Things
    Ay Island
    Project S
    Suburban Dealer
    Max Greene
    Daphne Epic quest
    Ay Island
    SON of the SUN

    And probably many more... ^^
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 20:07 h ~ 4 years ago
    Yes I know about indiedb list.wink

    I'm only adding published / finished games as there's probably shedloads of work in progress & abandoned projects made with VS out there (somewhere)!

    I thought "Devil's Men" was being made in Unity? Have they switched back over to VS?

    I've heard of Pillars of the Earth before. There was a uk tv mini-series on it - which I didn't get round to watching. Not read the books either. You sure that is being developed with VS engine?

    Also... A Song for Viggo is back in development with VS engine too. Simon swapped over to Unity because the team he acquired after kickstarter campaign wanted to use Unity, but it seems he'd rather work on the game solo at his own pace, so he's restarted it on VS again.

    @ Thomas: Do you know of any games I've not added to the wiki list that have already been released? You've wiped all the stuff from the VS store, so I can't use that as reference.

    P.S: Do you plan on adding some kind of showcase / blog / group type thing to the new website? Something similar to indiedb where people can create a page for their project & post news articles, images & videos would be more than enough. Maybe could have a rotator on the portal page to show the most viewed projects of the week or something or maybe have it feature a random one each day / week.
  • by marvel · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 21:13 h ~ 4 years ago
    Yes, as I said: Pillars and Devils Men are Visionaire Games. We work close with daedalic these days and we support each other.

    More finished games would be Captain Delta and Journey of Kelabra and some hidden object games I don't remember anymore.

    There will be a reference Slider on the new page. A project area is already concepted but planned for sometime later.
  • by afrlme · Saturday, 08. October 2016, 21:57 h ~ 4 years ago
    I believe Captain Delta is listed on the main VS download page. Journey to Kelabra - a game for gay people it says on google. I don't think a download link or website exists for it anymore?
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