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  • Is it possible to reset a dialog

    by DerNarr · Tuesday, 23. June 2015, 00:17 h ~ 6 years ago
    Hi there,
    is there any way to reset/restart a dialog layer? For example: My protagonist is talking to an NPC. I´m using the checkbox "delete dialog part entry" to prevent repeating questions. After the dialog is fully explored (everything was asked) I want to revisit that dialog again but everything that was deleted by the checkbox-function stays deleted and I can´t find a way to bring the dialog options back. How can I realise a "Ask that all again" opportunity?

    Thanks in advance,
  • by paul-1 · Tuesday, 22. September 2020, 23:25 h ~ 9 months ago
    hi everybodywink 

    sorry for the necro but I ask myself the same question, is there a solution please ? 

    in advance thank youwink
  • by wheel · Wednesday, 23. September 2020, 00:07 h ~ 9 months ago

    It occurs to me that you could try assigning a value to display the phrase. And an action after saying that phrase that changes its value. This will prevent the phrase from reappearing in the dialog but it will not be removed. You could get it back by setting the value at the beginning when the character speaks again ...

    I'm using google translate so it may not have been clear ... in Spanish this explanation already looks difficult but I just tried it and it works for me.

    Look at the video..

  • by paul-1 · Wednesday, 23. September 2020, 00:34 h ~ 9 months ago
    hi smile

    thanks for your help but I don't think I'm talking about the same thing, I also use a translatorwink

    I've assigned values to the choice, so that if the player makes a set of bad choices he loses and has to start again with the option "restart the event".

    currently the answers are deleted when they are chosen but they don't reappear after a "restart event" and I need them to reappear to allow the player to make other choices


  • by wheel · Wednesday, 23. September 2020, 00:51 h ~ 9 months ago

    I believe that if I have understood you and I still think that it can work ...

    In the video I have uploaded, the dialog line "hello" has a value of -1 to be displayed. When you use it, change the value to -2 and it disappears. When he speaks again, you set the value to -1 in "actions" so that it will be shown again.

    You do not have to leave the option to delete the dialogue part entry checked

    Hopefully we're talking about the same ... hahahaha

    Good luck!

    A greeting!
  • by paul-1 · Wednesday, 23. September 2020, 00:57 h ~ 9 months ago
    ok it's probably me who misunderstoodwink I'm tired ^^ 

    I'll try it tomorrow and I'll keep you informedwink 

    thanks again 
  • by paul-1 · Thursday, 24. September 2020, 14:18 h ~ 9 months ago

    I finally managed to get the desired result, I didn't manage to do exactly like you but I managed to play with the valueswink

    thanks again for the helpwink good day
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