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  • Is anybody looking for adventure game designer?

    by karmo · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 07:44 h ~ A year ago
    I have many ideas and one of ideas is already outlined. It is sci-fi game about man who has fallen down on his spaceshuttle and lost his memory. His recovering memories are also playable and there is dangerous secret that affects galaxy he lives in
  • by Tymor · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 10:10 h ~ A year ago
    Hi and welcome. Are you experienced with visionaire or would your role be solely design? Because I am putting together a team to do some grunt work (paid) for the game I am currently developing. That would be for my own game ideas though.
  • by karmo · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 10:42 h ~ A year ago
    I only design. How fleshed out are your ideas and is it amateur project or do you aim for commercial one?
  • by AFRLme · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 11:54 h ~ A year ago
    What do you mean by only design? Could you please clearly define exactly what you mean by game designer & what you can do?
  • by karmo · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 13:15 h ~ A year ago
    Hello AFRLme,
    My answer was meant for Tymor, but i will clarify. I haven't worked with someone else's story, though it could be possible, if i can change flow of story for purpose of gameplay. I come up with story, relations between story and game goals, i create puzzles and initial ideas for locations, items and characters.
  • by AFRLme · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 13:26 h ~ A year ago
    Ok dokie, thanks for clarifying. smile

    Do you not have any intentions of delving into the development or scripting side of game dev? VS is really easy to use as it was made with artists in mind over programmers, though there's still plenty of flexibility for scripters like myself to go beyond what the pre-made action parts & systems allow.

    P.S: if you want to win people over to your project then more information on it would be a good idea, maybe some concept art assets or a snippet of the story-line, etc.

    P.P.S: you should check out & gamedevclassifieds on reddit as both are pretty decent places for asking / hiring people to help out with your projects or for looking for people who are already advertising their services.

    I myself offer development, debugging, scripting & technical support services, but at a fixed hourly rate - having said that I do tend to give out free advice & help on here & via the official VS wiki. I sometimes provide free Lua scripts too, though less of late as I don't want to give everything away for free. wink
  • by karmo · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 13:33 h ~ A year ago
    I can't do anything involving graphics. Best that i can do, is making text adventures myself and actually i have tried out ADRIFT, but text adventures probably have smaller audience than graphical ones.
  • by AFRLme · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 14:14 h ~ A year ago
    I think text only adventures are quite popular among certain gamers. There's plenty of make your own adventure text adventure games available out there - even the odd couple on Steam too as far as I'm aware. For example this game: has overwhelmingly positive review status at the minute with 97% of 1000+ people voting positive, so text adventures must be in demand to some degree. Having said that, the only thing you really need if you are capable of dev side of things is people to sort out artwork / animations & sound stuff which you can always outsource.wink

    I'm not art savvy either, but I can do most other things related with game dev. I can use photoshop for editing / manipulating existing images, etc but I can't draw anything worthwhile from scratch.
  • by caligarimarte · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 19:38 h ~ A year ago
    Short Version: Learn something. Your artistic Limits are your Style. It'll be a Start, and maybe your Vision will grow as your Work may draw People to join you.


    Long and not so nice-sounding but well-intended Version:
    This is a general Tip: Never be ~just~ a Designer. If "having an Idea" is all you can offer, that is literally what everybody else has as a basic human Function, and when it comes to turning Ideas into Games, I would guess that most People, having their own Ideas, prefer to turn their own Ideas into Games, not those of others. (If you do Teamwork with others, you should expect that they may, will and probably should also have some Design Input.)
    But you say you could write, so there is the Possibility that you might be a good Writer, might have a good Grasp of good Narrative Methods, can create good and authentic Dialogues. But the Truth usually is that while Writing is not quite as basic a human Function as having Ideas, it is still a quite basic Thing which many People can and do use to write up their own little Stories, and they start to think that they are good Writers, and then they return a few Years later, take a Look at what they wrote, and realize how bad they actually were. I have made that Experience with my own Stories quite a few Times now. So, yes, we can write, that is not a big Deal, but it doesn't make us good Writers, and I just suggest you better be aware of that.

    Since I do not know how good or bad your Writing Skills are, let's say they are good. That still means you need to write a Story, Characters, a World, which are so gripping to a few Individuals that they will be willing to sacrifice their Time for your Idea. And yes, a few, not a single one. If you find a single Person who can do all the Things necessary to make a Game, that Person will also be able to think and write, and will therefore prefer to work on a personal Project.

    However, this brings us back to the first Notion: Never be ~just~ a Designer. Why? Because without a Team, a Designer is basically nothing. Maybe you can code, maybe you can make Music, maybe you can create Sounds. And maybe you can create Graphics. You may claim that you cannot, but that is Nonsense, we all can create Graphics and Sounds/Music somehow. But they may be bad. Maybe they are terrible. But well, your Limits define your Style. I wish I could paint better, and maybe I will, one Day, but so far, I shall be happy with what I have.
    Take a Look at Daedalic's Game "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout". Those Graphics are ~terrible~! But it was the Start of a Company growing from one Guy to a few People to quite a Team now creating Adventures with beautiful Art, beautiful Music and... well, still not the best Writing, but they have grown, become bigger and more beutiful. but it had to start somewhere, and that Beginning was crude, simple, ugly. If you say you cannot do Art, you probably tried it and found it crude and ugly, but so what, maybe something good will come from it, and that will draw People to join you.
  • by AFRLme · Tuesday, 11. October 2016, 19:52 h ~ A year ago
    @ CaligariMarte: well put (again). The graphics of the sequel were nothing special either, but I suppose that is part of the appeal for people that enjoyed the first game.

    I don't think having to learn to draw is an essential skill when it comes to game development. There's loads of roles people can play in game dev, from project management, to writing the story-line, the dialogs, the puzzles, sorting out multiple story-line branches for non-linear story-lines - which I believe requires a skilled writer who can think multi-dimensionally as opposed to flat. Then of course there's other things like voice acting, sound recording & design, 3D graphics, piecing the game together & last but not least scripting.

    I'm sure I've probably forgotten a few things like translators, beta testers, marketing & so on...
  • by karmo · Thursday, 13. October 2016, 08:37 h ~ A year ago
    Let me try again. I am game designer from Estonia. My main influences are games from 90's. I design games where story and gameplay are balanced -instead story evolving constantly, story evolves when some big goal is reached and player usually has quite many places to explore at once. My ideas range from fantasy to sci-fi to western and some of my designs involve interwinding stories that directly affect gameplay. Gameplay in my games may switch between one reality and another, player's character may try to reach personal goal at one moment and try to save day in next, or gameplay may even alternate between present and character's memories. If this is ok with administrators, i add text games i have made to show how i structure my games
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