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    by dos4gw · Friday, 02. September 2016, 19:41 h ~ 5 years ago
    I'm currently having the text of my game translated to German, but I plan to have these as subtitles only. English VO will still be played regardless of the language selected.

    Naturally, the assigned sound file doesn't carry over to the other language. My suspicion is that Visionaire will assign new comment numbers for the German texts. So I'm guessing I'll be manually assigning the English sound files for every line of German dialog.

    Is there a way to import VO files for translations using the same comment ID's as the original ones, or am I in for some tedious work in the editor?
  • by afrlme · Friday, 02. September 2016, 19:47 h ~ 5 years ago
    Export as CSV format or is it the other one, I forget? One of them should work & you should be able to edit them in something like excel or the open office equivalent. The translations should be added into the same row.

    As for the speech files... you will either have to manually link the relevant English speech file to each individual German text, or as a much faster & easier solution, you could just use Lua script to force the Speech Language to English. grin

    game.SpeechLanguage = Languages["English"]


    * edit #1: just checked the wiki. There's a page here about exporting, importing & editing CSV text files.

    * edit #2: you should also be able to manually update the paths in the csv files to add same speech file path to the german speech file paths - well if you don't mind the extra work & don't want to use the Lua method to force the engine to use x language for speech files.
  • by dos4gw · Friday, 02. September 2016, 19:54 h ~ 5 years ago
    I think the Lua method will work just fine! Thank you so much!
  • by afrlme · Friday, 02. September 2016, 20:03 h ~ 5 years ago
    No problem mate. wink
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