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    by Radicaa · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 15:56 h ~ 3 years ago
    So I been using the Hide/Show Character action since I started using VS. But now, for some weird reason, when I place "Hide Character: X" at beginning of the scene, and then use "Show Character: X" in some action, the character won't show up. What? His starting position is indicated, the position is inside the wayborders and I've been trying to make it more and more simple, but the character just won't show up. I had a more complex action list for him but now for debugging I made it as simple as:

    Specified the starting position from the character properties:
    At the beginning of scene: Hide Character: X
    Click on object "Window": first action -> Show character: X

    And he won't show up? I am using a few scripts provided by AFRLme to position narration text and character text, nothing else is affecting the event.
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 15:59 h ~ 3 years ago
    try adding a short pause to the beginning of the at begin of scene action. Or try using the set character opacity action parts instead.
  • by Radicaa · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 16:05 h ~ 3 years ago
    The pause didn't help but the opacity did. Great, but can't we safely assume that this is a bug then?
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 16:12 h ~ 3 years ago
    Could be. Could be. I couldn't tell you for sure. Is there anything written in the log, when you try to use the hide / show character action parts?
  • by Radicaa · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 16:13 h ~ 3 years ago
    Log? grin Edit* oh and btw, the opacity works in theory but now the NPC is there invisible, with the active mouse triggered when hovered over him... So that kinda fails too.
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 16:28 h ~ 3 years ago
    maybe teleport the character to another scene then?
  • by Radicaa · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 16:31 h ~ 3 years ago
    Okay, with the Set Character to Position action, I assume?
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 16:46 h ~ 3 years ago
    indeed or with the set character to object action part. smile
  • by Radicaa · Wednesday, 18. February 2015, 18:10 h ~ 3 years ago
    Works. Thanks.
  • by constantin · Tuesday, 28. March 2017, 22:36 h ~ A year ago
    thank you - changing the position after "hide" and before "show" works. 
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