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    by Damiano · Tuesday, 15. April 2014, 06:43 h ~ 7 years ago
    I want to upgrade my portfolio a bit. The Idea was to create some art that looks like real games. So I came up with something I would buy only by judging it by its look. The actual pic is not ready yet. I want to add more city to the right 2x HD (2 x 1920px) an interface and text output. Maybe a short video with little animation an music to add more atmosphere. The space disco music that inspired me to paint this pic.
    What do you guys think about it?
  • by Scubidubi · Tuesday, 15. April 2014, 11:15 h ~ 7 years ago
    as an artist myself..can't believe i just typed that. I mean as a person who knows how to swing a pen evry now and then to eventually achieve solutions for graphical task given by the universe - much better - or not - I really like the clouds on the lefthand side of the image.
    It is very retro .. the blue neon lit building reminds me of the tower in back to the future 2.
    It is a nice piece of concept art. could use some more buildings, yes, as you mentioned.
    The concept of the scene - is this like a projection of a cityscape, something virtual, matrix move like? or is this a scene of a woman literally standing on a platform close to a real city, just arriving with her "bike"? the red arch looks like it could all be just like a portal. keeps me guessing. interesting smile
  • by Scubidubi · Tuesday, 15. April 2014, 11:23 h ~ 7 years ago
    I think vehicles/ traffic - anything that would bring more life to the scene would be great. but then again i know nothing about the back story of this place.
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