Classic Review: Der Schatz im Silbersee

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A review bout a classic game made in germany

As i was a small boy, i was a big fan of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand.
So i found in the store my second adventure after Monkey Island.

This time i wouldnt be from the legendary Lucas Arts Company, but from the German Softwaredeveloper Software 2000.
They was besides Ascon the biggest number at softwaremarket in Germany. The company get famous trough the legendary Soccermanager 'Hattrick'. In the end of the 90s the business situation for Software 2000 gotten worse and they gone bankrupt in 2002.

The concept of 'Der Schatz im Silbersee' is easy thought. Take the famous stories of german writer Karl May and make a interactive Game from that. For this the copyrights was bought from the Karl May Publisher, who also wanted to be involved in storywriting. After the game there should be a follow-up. This time 'Durch die Wüste' a Kara Ben Nemsi Story. But the project was stopped, because the sales figures of 'Schatz im Silbersee' dont reached their goal. But there should be released a demo of this lost game, i remember. What happend to this game nobody knows. Maybe it see the light of life posthumous, maybe not. I guess its rather unlikely.

To the game itself. Nobody should expect a new Indiana Jones.
I would say its at most mediocrity. For all its weaks its a fun for hardcore-adventuregamers to play. The difficulty of the puzzles are low to medium. They are logical, but often linear and unimaginative. But there are difficult parts also. For example to look two times in an empty wood to find a rusty knife. With missing object display a double trouble. To be fair, to make a game based on a novel is not easy. You are bound to a default story and for the puzzles you just could use authentic items.

The game is divided in four parts. The backgrounds are very neat for that time.
As i can see, they was painted and scanned after this. I like the colours. The graphic-concept is good converted and consistent. What disturbes is that a few backgrounds arent authentic. For example the house of rafters farm looks like a house in germany 1993.

The game seems to be stiff, altogether. The story isn’t staged worldmoving. But its also not concepted to be an comic game. To gags, funny dialogues and funny animations you wait here vainly. But as an gamer you ask, how would story progress. For this reason it’s a reason to give that an eye, for the gamer of retro-adventures.

Have fun with this…