A Little Less Desperation - vote on Steam for Greenlight!

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We put A Little Less Desperation on Steam and we hope you vote for us!

It's been quite the journey so far and many things have been done, adjusted, discarded, redone, rediscarded, reredone, readjusted . . . I could go on some time like this.
But finally we released our trailer a couple of weeks ago and now we are ready for the next BIG step.
It's finding the answer to the question: Is there enough interest in what we are doing here at all?
To figure that out, we put our game on vote on Steam Greenlight!
So now it's your turn: Help us on our way to release by simply voting "YES!" for "A Little Less Desperation" on Steam!
You know every vote counts, every little bit of help is another valuable step on our way for us!
Thank you so much for your support! Make us happy and vote "Yes!" here:

Vote for us!