• Genre News
    Wednesday, 20. October 2010
    ::STASIS:: A place where anything is possible, where scientists have free reign to perform experiments without that pesky moral compass. Without the need to worry about approval, lobbiests, or religious movmements explaining 'why' something shouldnt be done. This was the purpose of the research station Groomlake. A hub of the greatest scientific minds of the known world. Human cloning, genetic engineering, bio-weapon research, super soldier programs, all with 100% backings from corporations and even some world governments. Nothing was beyond the relms of human possiblity on the Groomlake. And then it vanished.
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Sunday, 12. September 2010, Comments: 1
    A video of the upcoming adventure game "Kaptain Brawe and the space crew" has been released. The game seems to be a mixture of pirate-style "Monkey Island" and the classic "Space Quest" games by sierra entertainment. You take control of 3 different characters and the game will take you to 4 different planets. It will be released on October the 1st. Have a look :)
  • zakbtas news
    Saturday, 14. August 2010, Comments: 3
    Some already may know him from the Zak McKracken discussion boards on ... but now we introduce him officially: The guy behind Zachary McKracken is Seth Paul. He did an amazing job in the last months. Read this article and listen to some of his ingame sentences.
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Wednesday, 11. August 2010, Comments: 4
    [b]"Losers", presentation of an adventure where you play in the skin of a leading Napoleon almost 200 years locked in hell, and which seeks to escape with Julius Caesar and Hitler.[/b] "Los perdedores", presentación de una Aventura en la que juegas en la piel de un Napoleon que lleva encerrado casi 200 años en el infierno y del cual pretende escapar junto a Julio Cesar y Hitler.
  • zakbtas news
    Monday, 26. July 2010, Comments: 8
    The recordings for the upcoming multi-language directors cut of Zak McKracken between time and space are making progress. Pete Donaldson finished the recordings for jerry - zaks secretary in the game. Pete is a professionell announcer in the british radio (, 28 years old and has a british accent. Time by time we will introduce some more of our dubbers.
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    Wednesday, 21. July 2010, Comments: 4
    Loads of things were done in the past weeks. We enhanced the performance of visionaire studio, added new stunning functions and improved the editor gui. Now we are glad to release version 3.4 of visionaire studio.
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    Sunday, 13. June 2010, Comments: 6
    The Visionaire Team is making big steps forward. With David Stoffel a new programmer joined the team. Currently he is working day and night on the finishing of the macintosh port. Attached you find some screenshots of the demogame, running on an old Powerbook G4 17" 1,5 Ghz (Leopard und Snow Leopard - 64 Bit). It seems like we can finish the work on it pretty soon. 
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Monday, 03. May 2010
    It's been a long trail, but finally "The Whispered World" (Winner of the German Computer Game Award 2010 has been released. The game tells the story of a kid called sadwick - working as a clown for a small circus. One night an oracle tells him, that he has to destroy the whole world. So he has to find out whats happening. The adventure finally leads him through dark caves, dungeons and through strange, mystical worlds. Now the game can be purchased... so get on your feet and buy it! :)
  • zakbtas news
    Monday, 19. April 2010, Comments: 17
    With the directors cut of Zak2-BTAS on it's way and the launch of the new website we want to offer additional languages for this site. We are looking for motivated Zak McKracken or fans to help us translate this website to Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, ... whatever language you speak. Be a part of fanadventure-game-history in the making. Post a comment, send a message or post in our forum if you want to join us and help us with your skills. 
  • zakbtas news
    Friday, 16. April 2010
    From now on, everything related to "Zak McKracken between time & space" will be featured on a new web site on a new top-level domain called All current information about the project and the game's long-awaited multi-lingual Director's Cut (currently WIP) will be available to you on its new home.