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    Tuesday, 09. August 2011, Comments: 5
    Time has come to introduce version 3.6 of the adventure game engine "Visionaire Studio". We fixed major bugs, added several new functions and enhanced lua scripting. Take a look to the 24 changes and have fun. :)
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    Tuesday, 09. August 2011
    In June, the gaming portal "Gamercast" wrote an article about "Deponia" - the upcoming Adventure Game by daedalic entertainment, created with Visionaire Studio: "Whilst at E3 we got a sneaky peek at Daedalic Entertainment's newest game; Deponia. So expect full of hand-drawn backgrounds, charming characters, beautiful character design and some fantastic idle animations, not to mention a rabid toothbrus". Read more about it here:
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    Tuesday, 02. August 2011, Comments: 7
    Hi guys, SIN ARS STUDIOS has just released the demo of their new game Eko Strange New World. Jump over to their website to download it! The game centres around the character of Eko, a mechanic, who is unexpectedly shot in to space while repairing a ship. Crash landing on a strange and unfamiliar planet, he must explore this unknown territory and solve a range of puzzles with the aim of repairing his ship and returning home.
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    Friday, 15. April 2011
    The new daedalic adventure game "Satinavs Ketten" (The Chains of Satinav) is to be released in 2012, in full HD resolution. It's been created with the Adventure Game Engine "Visionaire Studio". Here you get some new, amazing screenshots. Have fun with it!
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    Friday, 11. March 2011, Comments: 10
    Dear Adventure Game Friends, finally we released a new version (3.5) of "Visionaire Studio". Check out the release notes, you find attached to this article. Have fun with the new version and all the best for your adventure game projects.
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    Sunday, 06. February 2011, Comments: 1
    NigeC is the man. He did some new, brilliant templates for Visionaire like a "monkey island 3" orientated interface and a template called "Halfcut Driftwood" with an interface in style of "Monkey Island 1". Check it out...
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    Sunday, 02. January 2011, Comments: 4
    Dear members of the adventure game engine "visionaire studio". Thank you so much for all the effort, passion and spirit in the last months. With your help visionaire has grown to much better game engine. More and more professional and amateur games are in development or already finished" - like "A New Beginning", "A Whispered World", "STASIS", "Deponia", "Losers - Los perdedores" and much more international productions.
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    Sunday, 19. December 2010
    Finally the demo is here.
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    Monday, 13. December 2010, Comments: 2
    Hi everybody, maybe some of you know "Daniel Carl"?! He is the man behind the Amateur Adventure Game "Captain Delta", released some years ago and done with the adventure game engine "Visionaire Studio". On december 6th he released a german demonstration of his new, upcoming game "AEON: Evolution", a space adventure game with hi resolution graphic, symphonic soundtrack, voice output and thrilling storyline. Daniel wants this demo to be translated to english - so he sent me the german game-texts to get this done. Please contact me if you can help out doing the translations.
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    Wednesday, 20. October 2010
    ::STASIS:: A place where anything is possible, where scientists have free reign to perform experiments without that pesky moral compass. Without the need to worry about approval, lobbiests, or religious movmements explaining 'why' something shouldnt be done. This was the purpose of the research station Groomlake. A hub of the greatest scientific minds of the known world. Human cloning, genetic engineering, bio-weapon research, super soldier programs, all with 100% backings from corporations and even some world governments. Nothing was beyond the relms of human possiblity on the Groomlake. And then it vanished.