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    Wednesday, 11. July 2012, Comments: 1
    Dear Visionaire Users, finally we finished the new Version 3.7 of Visionaire Studio. Have a look to all the changes like steam support, performance boosts and a quicker loading procedure.
  • Genre News
    Wednesday, 13. June 2012
    Shortly the first english trailer to "The Chains of Satinav" has been released. The fantasy adventure game is nearly to be finished and is developed by daedalic entertainment with the help of the visonaire studio adventure game engine. Have a look to it...
  • Engines
    Sunday, 15. April 2012
    Now you can find some great video tutorials on youtube. This is definately the best introduction to the visionaire engine. Thanks to "suro" who created the tutorials.
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Tuesday, 20. December 2011, Comments: 5
    New trailer for the Adventure Game, STASIS.
  • Genre News
    Tuesday, 01. November 2011
    The first trailer of "The Second Guest" has been released. Its a new commercial adventure game by "Headup Games" and beeing made with the Visionaire Adventure Game Development System. I would say an exciting, classical adventure game is upcoming. Have fun with the video.
  • Genre News
    Friday, 28. October 2011
    Dear Community, these are the last 3 days of the Adventure Game Development Contest by Visionaire Studio. So use your time... dont hesitate... and don't forget polishing and bug testing. We wish you all the best for the home straight.. and look forward to your great, homemade adventure games. :)
  • Genre News
    Friday, 14. October 2011
    Time passes by... and so we've already reached half-time of the "Visionaire Studio" development contest, which ends on october the 30th. We know about several ongoing contest entries and are astonished about the variation of games and concepts. There will be mysterious games and just funny ones. Some of the contestants have already posted some development notes in the forum - so have a look if you like. For the upcoming two weeks we wish all developers fun, good luck and success with their games!
  • Genre News
    Saturday, 01. October 2011, Comments: 4
    Dear adventure friends, The time has come ... You can now join in the big Halloween development competition for Visionaire Studio - and it is not only for glory and honor, but also win one of 5 great, sponsored prizes. Plese observe the rules ...
  • Genre News
    Wednesday, 28. September 2011
    Dear Visionaire community, We plan to organize, starting from 01 October to Halloween (October 31) a "Visionaire Studio - HALLOWEEN developer competition" . It's our first contest of this kind and in the future we hope to have regular, thematic competitions.
  • zakbtas news
    Tuesday, 20. September 2011
    We made this short video with an old cellphone-camera some years ago - while being on a road trip to San Francisco... meeting David Fox and Matt Kane, creators of Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. Maybe its ridiculous... but have a look, if you would. You want to read more about Zak McKracken? Then visit for zaks new adventure "Zak - between time & space".