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    Thursday, 04. April 2013, Comments: 4
    interview including a nice mentioning of VIS and very VERY impressive screenshots
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    Thursday, 28. March 2013, Comments: 1
    To whomever would like to keep up to date & informed about Zak McKracken 2: Between Time & Space - Directors Cut edition; can do so via our facebook page, which can be found here:
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    Friday, 22. March 2013, Comments: 2
    Daedalic Entertainment have recently announced their new turn based RPG: "Blackguards" - which is also set in "The Dark eye" universe & is to be made in 3D using the Unity3D engine. The estimated release date is sometime in Q3 2013 for PC. Below is an interview with the developers ...
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    Tuesday, 19. March 2013
    Players eager to go adventuring in Aventuria once again will get their chance soon enough, as today Daedalic Entertainment unveiled its plans to release Memoria later this year.
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    Monday, 18. March 2013
    For a long time, Lucas Arts™ have been considered the masters of the humorous adventure game genre; & yet, it seems they now have some competition from Daedalic Entertainment with their trilogy: Deponia; which features lovely 2D hand-drawn/painted cartoon style graphics in full HD, an expertly crafted original soundtrack, whimsical characters & wacky story-lines - which pull one gag after the other to keep the player entertained throughout!
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    Thursday, 14. March 2013, Comments: 2
    The new adventure game: "The night of the Rabbit" - originally titled: "The Rabbit's Apprentice" - from Daedalic Entertainment will arrive on the 29/05/2013 for the PC & Mac (I'm not sure if it's the German release only, or international) and will treat us - yet again - with beautiful hand drawn art with lush color tones & a gripping story; all in full HD graphics! Again, Visionaire Studio; like the majority of Daedalic Entertainment's award winning games - will be used for making their latest adventure game installment.
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    Saturday, 26. January 2013, Comments: 1
    This script is to demonstrate how to move animations & characters up or down using lua script within Visionaire Studio ...
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    Monday, 21. January 2013
    This page contains loads & loads of useful links & information regarding Visionaire Studio. I am constantly adding new links & information to the page so be sure to check in regularly to see if anything new has been added to it!
  • zakbtas news
    Thursday, 17. January 2013, Comments: 1
    With this script you can assign anything up to 9 days & 24hrs on the clock for the user to complete the game or x amount of actions before the next day begins etc until the timer ends.
  • zakbtas news
    Thursday, 17. January 2013, Comments: 3
    With this script I created, you can now slide out any interface by either hovering over the interface or by using your mouse wheel depending on which condition/value is currently set!