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    Monday, 09. November 2015
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Wednesday, 16. September 2015, Comments: 2
    New video of Catyph: the Kunci Experiment, a "Myst in space" created with Visionaire.
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Tuesday, 08. September 2015
    tiny & Tall: Gleipnir is the point'n'click adaptation of a graphic novel. It tells the epic story of two characters who are far from epic... Drawn in traditional 2D style, with painted backgrounds and cartoonish characters, Gleipnir is a passion project that I've been working on for the past two years.
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Friday, 24. July 2015, Comments: 2
    See how we create the artwork for our upcoming adventure game!
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Monday, 20. July 2015, Comments: 1
    We put A Little Less Desperation on Steam and we hope you vote for us!
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Thursday, 04. June 2015, Comments: 1
    Oh wow... honestly... we're out of breath... totally out of words and extremely moved by your great support in the last 2 days and generally through this entire campaign on kickstarter. More than 790 supporters and even awarded developers support our game. JUST A SINGLE DAY REMAINS, but then the next journey will begin - the journey to, through and far beyond OAK ISLAND. Please support us in these final hours on kickstarter! Thank you so much!
  • Genre News
    Friday, 15. May 2015
    We are on kickstarter to fund this classic point and click adventure game with challenging puzzles and 3 playable characters in an intruiging mystery. Your support is highly appreciated!
  • Genre News
    Tuesday, 12. May 2015
    Today the Director's Cut of Zak McKracken between time & space has been released. This new version was updated with 16:9 graphics, an easier to use interface and includes English and French translations.
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    Friday, 01. May 2015, Comments: 14
    A new version of Visionaire Studio has just been released. You find all the news, changes and the complete release notes in this article. Have fun with the new version!
  • Fan- & Amateur Projects
    Wednesday, 08. April 2015
    One man + Mother's basement + Visionaire Studio + three years = one adventure game. Check it out on Steam: