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  • Translators needed for the new Visionaire Studio Website

    by marvel · Monday, 03. October 2016, 13:14 h ~ A year ago
    Hi there,
    as you may know we are creating a brand-new website for the Visionaire Studio Engine and it's community. At the moment we only provide 2 languages (english and german), so that people from other languages can hardly inform about Visionaire.

    If you speak Italian, Portugese, Spanish, French or other languages and want to help, please write here! smile

    Thank you very much,
    The Visionaire Studio Team

  • by ke4 · Monday, 03. October 2016, 13:31 h ~ A year ago
    I can offer you Czech translation if you want smile
  • by Elerion · Monday, 03. October 2016, 13:37 h ~ A year ago
    I can offer the spanish one!
  • by AFRLme · Monday, 03. October 2016, 14:25 h ~ A year ago
    Hej Thomas, I'm not fussed on the languages added as long as you don't split the thread / news into selectable multi-language like in this forum as it's not the most user friendly thing.

    Main forum should be in English for universal purposes, then there should be a sub-section somewhere for posting in other languages. Anyone wanting to work in game dev should be able to speak a little English anyway; especially if they intend to learn how to program / script seeing as all the programming languages are in English. But hey that's just my opinion. wink
  • by ke4 · Monday, 03. October 2016, 14:51 h ~ A year ago
    I agree, i would keep using the English version anyway. It's that i'm willing to help if you gonna need it.
  • by juansirlink · Monday, 03. October 2016, 16:07 h ~ A year ago
    Another spanish user here. I can help with the translation, from english to spanish language.
  • by sebastian · Monday, 03. October 2016, 17:43 h ~ A year ago
    Will there be a "droggeljug" language available?
  • by AFRLme · Monday, 03. October 2016, 19:20 h ~ A year ago
    I never understood the point in that mode. I tried playing it for about 5 minutes. Got tired of hearing the same word over & over again. Could have at least tried adding a bit of emotion in their recordings of the word to reflect the characters current mood.
  • by marvel · Monday, 03. October 2016, 21:25 h ~ A year ago
    Lee, please stay on topic. I don't understand why you are discussing completely different things here. :/ It's about translation of the WEBsite including general Infos, shop article descriptions and function texts!

    @Elerion, KE4 and Elerion:
    Thank you very much!! You help us a lot with it. I will contact you in the next days! smile

    Anyone else for french or italian? grin

  • by AFRLme · Monday, 03. October 2016, 22:43 h ~ A year ago
    I am on topic. smile

    Saying it's ok adding multiple language versions for people to view the website / forum / store in, but please don't make it so people can view/hide specific language threads this time around as it's not very user friendly.
  • by marvel · Tuesday, 04. October 2016, 00:07 h ~ A year ago
    Lee, the topic is that I am looking for translators. It is NOT about the forum, the news or specific settings.wink
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