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    by Nigec · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 13:55 h ~ A year ago
    On the other Wiki I could of sworn I added a script snippet for a sequential lock type puzzle, any idea if its still kicking around somewhere?
    Or was this in a parallel universe ?
  • by Nigec · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 14:15 h ~ A year ago
    Actually I found this thread:
    which has the example of the script smile
    thanks Lee for keeping this project file for so long!
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 14:16 h ~ A year ago
    I think it was on the wiki that was part of VS website? Technically it probably still exists, but you will need to remember the exact name of the thread to access it as I'm not seeing any links when I do a google search.
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 14:19 h ~ A year ago

    Actually managed to find the old wiki article which I indexed all the useful pages / wiki articles.!.html
  • by Nigec · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 14:35 h ~ A year ago
    Thanks, I've got it smile
    A lot of my VS stuff was on a laptop for safe keeping and of cause it died, I didn't really take much notice what was on it. I didn't need it at the time lol
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 15:15 h ~ A year ago
    Yeah, I had hdd failure the other month on my laptop. Luckily most of my stuff was already backed up to my externals & some of it is backed up on dropbox too.

    I can create a template section on the wiki if you like? Only thing is that I don't really consider templates made with VS to be actual templates as you can't drop them into your own project. They are more of a reference thing than anything else.
  • by Nigec · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 15:36 h ~ A year ago
    There's probably better ways to do them, I noticed Simon ASA seems to have a better way to do the 1st person turn, I fixed the sounds on the keypad and that seems a bit long winded too

    I've updated two of my old links so they are current and the files work, I still need to fix issues with the MI1 example

    The laptop was my wife's, I just used it for testing stuff as it had a SIS video card.. if it worked on that it would work on anything lol
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 15:44 h ~ A year ago
    Simon ASA's games feature 2 rotation methods.

    1. video cutscene
    2. instant switch to next scene angle

    He made an option in the in-game interface menu thing to disable the videos. Thing is that it's only really possible to do the rotation / panning if the game graphics are being made in a 3D graphics application, which I suppose most myst-like games usually are, except for Visual Novels as they are often hand painted 2D backgrounds.
  • by Nigec · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 16:09 h ~ A year ago
    I see, yes that makes sense and nice idea, I only watched his old vs new comparison video red
    I really don't know if I would do an entire game that can turn, right now I'm jogging my memory, its been awhile grin
  • by AFRLme · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 16:20 h ~ A year ago
    I think if you've already designed the scene in 3D then exporting a quick rotation video that lasts a second or two shouldn't be that hard, but I guess it would depend on how long it takes your computer to render out the video.

    The render times, plus all the shortcuts you need to learn to be able to design 3D scenes & models is one reason why I can't be bothered learning how to use 3D applications. I have tried blender, maya, etc but couldn't wrap my head around any of them & kept forgetting key shortcuts, which options were for what & generally just ended up confusing myself - I think I'll just stick to the dev & scripting side of things.
  • by Nigec · Wednesday, 12. October 2016, 17:34 h ~ A year ago
    I use Sketchup which is about as close to drawing as you can get, well all this fancy VR stuff might beat it now
    I think you could cheat, the Zeppelin scenes where originally rendered as 6 images which you can convert to a spherical image, you could simply put the image on a sphere with a camera in the center and spin the camera, it would take seconds

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